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We are not a template-based web development company. Unless you are on a very tight budget, it would benefit you to stay away from those online template-based website services. The first thing your prospects see about you is your website. More often than not, they will see that before they see your store!

It is our philosophy that a website must match the intended audience. Our design team works closely with your staff to assure that your website meets the following requirements:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Clean design, geared towards your audience
  • Is up to date with current industry trends
  • Meets with your approval

In our 8 years of service we have developed hundreds of websites. We have established a tight set of development standards and processes. This allows us to quote a project accurately and stay within the customer's budget.

When we quote a project, our proposal includes the following elements:

Goals and Objectives - What are the main elements from a business stand point that you are trying to address?

Methodology - What are the specific steps that will be followed in delivering your custom website?

Timing -When can we start? What is your deadline?

Joint Accountabilities - What are each of us responsible for?

Terms and Conditions - We outline our standard terms and conditions.

Investment - How much is the investment?

In addition to the proposal, we have a set of standard elements to be included in each website:
Download our website standards here

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